VP Welcomes In 2010

Welcome to our first meeting of 2010.  2009 was a year of change and growth for SCRID. We have some new Board Members and also have growth in our membership.  We have some exciting events coming up so be sure to check the info and scedule of events on the SCRID Web-site.

I just would like to encourage all of our Board members, our  committee chairs and members and those in our general membership to keep up the Awesome work they are doing.

Many things go on behind the scenes that we are unaware of , yet we see the outcomes and results of those who are working hard to make SCRID the wonderful organization it is.

Many hours of work and effort go into what we see only as the results, such as the excellent work our new webmaster is doing on our website, or the commitee working on our Annual Lou Fant Banquet, as well as future workshops.

From what I can tell, each of our officers and commitee chairs are consistently working on individual efforts and projects that we will see in the future as workshops, meetings, and events.

I am looking forward to each of our phone conferences, and Facd to Face Board meetings like our meeting and following workshop on January 16 2010 at Pierce College.

Information and details are on the web-site for each of our events.  Another thing I would like to add is to encourage those of you who may want to become invloved in a commitee to step up and offer your expertise and talents. SCRID web site has contact information for anyone who would like to become involved.

Remember, and this is for those of you who may just be beginning your career as an interpreter, we all were beginners too. We stood in your shoes as a beginner and someone took us under their wing and mentored us and encouraged us as we progressed.  Come out and meet SCRID Board Members, our commitee chairs and commitee members and other interpreters. Take the opportunity to  netword and to take advantage of the awesome learning experiences you can have as you become involved with SCRID.

I will be having a “Welcome Table” at each event, so please come and say “hello”.