Lou Fant Memorial Banquet Report

Lou Fant Banquet Report

September 18, 2010

As of September 15, 2010 the following has been done or in the process of

The date for the banquet has been set. It will be held on Saturday March26, 2011
@ Castaway Restaurant from 11am-4pm. The cost will remain the same $40.00 a
ticket. I am still searching for an MC.

The committee is already beginning to be formed. I have the SAME graphic artist
from last year and people to help out.

I will be sending out “Save the Date” announcements in the next month or so. I
would like all announcements regarding this event to go out on SCRID TALK.

By the end of September I would like to have the scholarship & awardees
applications up on the website ready to download.(I am hoping to bring the
applications to Deaf Festival)

Regarding donations- I have recently received a check from the “The Louis L.
Borick Foundation” in the sum of $500.00.(Hopefully more money to come) I will
be asking Sorenson again and other agencies to support this event from SCRID.

If you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail me.

Lou Fant Distinguished Service Award Chairperson.