Lou Fant Distinguished Service Award Committee Report October 27, 2012

Lou Fant Distinguished Service Aware Committee Report, October 27, 2012
Good news! The committee has selected April 27, 2013, as THE date for our 2013 LFDSA luncheon and yes, it will be at our beloved Castaway Restaurant! We’ve put a deposit down and we’re rearin’ to go! They give us a great deal price-wise and are ever-ready to accommodate our needs.
We have a guest presenter committed (it’s a secret for now) and we’re working on possible entertainment. The committee is ever mindful of the length of the event and our goal is to keep it to a 4 hr commitment or shorter.
The committee will be asking for help with silent donations and there is a letter one can print and use with SCRID letterhead explaining who and what we are. Smile.
With Peggy Huber’s help, I will post the scholarships and nominations announcements in November or December.
I will also talk with Richard and Peggy for coming up with a more efficient system for keeping track of who has paid (credit card, check, cash, at the door), lunch orders (special requests), who is a student, member, volunteer , etc. There has to be a template and/or tracking program to simplify this. This past luncheon was chaotic at best with trying to keep track of who paid what, when and where. Many couldn’t connect to pay online or once they got into their membership account, perhaps they could register but were blocked from using a credit card and some were even charged twice! It was a mess and I’m just sayin’, there has to be an easier way to track ticket sales in general and specifically from the online site. Does anyone know how this can be done? Anyone…? Anyone…? Bueller?
Respectfully submitted,
Patty Drasin, Chair LFDSA