Apply for the Gary Sanderson NIC Scholarship

Are you Deaf or hearing and preparing to take the National Interpreter Certification test? Take a moment to share some information with us and you may be chosen to receive a scholarship to help pay for the testing fee.

Every interpreter in the United States deserves the chance to become certified.

Most interpreting students want to take and pass the certification test. They recognize that certification is the most direct path to success in this career. Certification also provides opportunities to explore talents and develop skills they can use to participate more fully in the profession—at the affiliate chapter, at work, and in national committees.

We will help other interpreters afford to take the certification test.

Interpreting students and new professionals are highly motivated and become ready for certification assessment in greater numbers every year. We’re working to help them get there through our scholarship program.

We believe in engaging with future leaders committed to improving and advancing the profession of Sign Language interpreting.

We will provide scholarships for certification testing that benefit current members in good standing of RID and SCRID.

The SCRID Lou Fant Memorial committee determines the scholarship awardees based on their applications and supporting documentation.

Submit FIVE (5) copies of the following:

  • Complete the scholarship application.
  • Indicate in the cover letter what you will use the scholarship for: 1) Written test for CDI, 2) Written Test for NIC, 3) CDI Performance Test, or 4) NIC Performance Test
  • Describe in 250 words or less your current work in the field of interpreting (include dates, part or fulltime) and training (college courses, workshops).
  • Print and include a copy of your SCRID membership information from the website after login.
  • Include a copy of your RID membership card.
  • If applying for performance test scholarship, include verification that you passed the written test.
  • Include a letter of recommendation from a hearing professional working in the field of interpreting.
  • Include a letter of recommendation from a Deaf individual.

Applications must be postmarked by April 6, 2013.

SCRID NIC Scholarship c/o Patty Drasin, LFMF Committee Chair
18661 Sunburst Street
Northridge, CA 91324

or via e-mail