Vice President – March 2013 Report

Juti K. Seshie

Vice President Report

March 4, 2013

  • Gathered 3 estimates for an embosser for SCRID business cards for Deaf-Blind access.
  • Picked up 6-8 catalogs for reviewing and possibly including in a “Membership Welcome Packet”
  • Attended the first “Deaf Services Professional Network Mixer” hosted at presented by Roberto Cabrera, Deaf MFT intern, March 1, 2013. Met with several ITP students and discussed joining SCRID
  • Attended lecture on Suicide in the Deaf community by Sue Garns and Teresa Teugh, Deaf survivor, March 2, 2013. Met with 5 ITP students and discussed SCRID membership.
  • GWC, ITP program director “RC” emailed about speaking to ITP class about SCRID, March-April, 2013. I accepted, dates are tentative.