Region V Report February 2014

Region V conference – June 25 – 28, 2014

  1. Registration will cost and what the dates are for each tier. Registration will open with the new database in early March. Early bird ends on April 30–later than usual, but realistic given our later registration opening!
  Early-Bird Regular On-site
  (start – April 30) (May 1-May 31) (June 1 – start of conference)
Member $250.00 $325.00 $400.00
Senior $225.00 $300.00 $400.00
Student $225.00 $300.00 $400.00
Non-Member $300.00 $375.00 $450.00
  1. Sent call for committee chairs to the membership via WA, but I was informed by Liz Mendoza that all committee chair positions were filled.
  2. I have offered to help with the Silent Auction committee and have been in touch with Mary
  3. RID-sponsored charity – Each conference elects a Deaf-related charity to donate goods and/or funds to.  The following organization has been chosen for the 2014 Region V RID Conference

Deaf Education and Families Project (San Diego Parents’ Link):
Family Focus Resource and Empowerment Center


Description: We provide Empowerment for families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing so they can receive the most effective services and their children can enjoy the greatest educational opportunities resulting in productive and enriched lives.

  1. President council training day on June 25th – I am hoping to attend.
  2. CSD sponsorship – request by California Coalition (of/by/for Deaf service agencies in Calif) not to accept a sponsorship by CSD as they are under-bidding local agencies for interpreter contracts and services in California.  As of 2/18/14, there is no offer for sponsorship by CSD, but the letter was distributed in anticipation of an offer.   There is a discussion at the national level of RID regarding conference sponsorship guidelines and policies. Now that the Reg V AC presidents have been approached, I am asking what our role would be in accepting or rejecting a possible sponsorship offer by CSD.

Submitted by Peggy Huber, Interim President