Letters of intent – 2015-2017 Executive Board Officer Nominees

Nominee for President, Peggy Huber:

I have been a certified member of RID since 1993 and a member of SCRID since 2001. I have held various positions throughout my membership: Newsletter editor, Secretary, President, Membership and Website Committee Chair, and Treasurer. My computer knowledge and skills are great assets to SCRID, I am detail-oriented and place SCRID as a high priority.

It has been my great pleasure to support SCRID over the years, providing information and guidance in areas of non-profit organizational processes, board and bylaws compliance and technical knowledge. I have also been working with other California RID Affiliate Chapter presidents this year to bring information to the community about licensure for interpreters in our state.

With your permission, it is my hope to continue to provide leadership for the 2015-2017 term as president of SCRID. I thank you for this opportunity to serve!

Peggy Huber, MA, CI & CT


Nominee for Secretary, Beth D’Addario:

This is my letter of intent to run for the office of Secretary of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. I have been a dedicated and loyal member of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf since 1999. During that time I served 8 years on the SCRID board as most recently Secretary, President, Vice President, Fundraising Chairperson, and the Lou Fant Banquet (both as a committee member and Chairperson). It is these same years that I have grown up with this group and through my active support have had many opportunities to be a part of SCRID’s successes. I feel that with my extensive experience with both leadership and membership roles, I have a unique perspective and what it takes to create a successful term as secretary. My passion and dedication to Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf as well as my organizational skills and approachable leadership abilities makes me an ideal candidate for secretary. I believe that this is an amazing organization. I have the time and energy to dedicate to the office of secretary. I respectfully submit this letter of intent and hope my experience will speak for itself. I would consider it an honor and privilege to continue to be Secretary of SCRID. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Beth D’Addario

Nominee for Treasurer, Cynthia Herbst

Since the previous term’s Treasurer resigned, I have been serving as Treasurer, with appointment and approval by the Board in August 2014. In order to keep continuity and to keep the position filled, I hereby nominate myself for the position of Treasurer for the new term. It would be my pleasure to continue serving the organization as treasurer.

Thank You-

Cynthia Herbst

SCRID Treasurer 2014-2015