Membership Committee Report – May 2017 & Annual Report

Membership Committee Report May 2017 – Annual Report

SCRID Membership Committee Report

May 2017 & Annual Overview (May 2016 – May 2017)


The Membership Committee reports:

  • We have mailed out six (6) new member cards in April-May, with an additional twenty-five (25) New and Renewal Memberships that are being processed. All mailed cards/Members have been verified as “Active” and “Paid” in Wild Apricot.  The remaining 25 will be processed prior to the end of May 2017.


  • We regularly audit the Wild Apricot Database in order to ensure that all Members’ Profile Information has been input correctly and completely. There are still multiple profiles missing “Proof of Certification”, RID Member #s, current/updated Student Transcripts/Enrollment Schedules, etc.  This is a reminder that a complete Member Profile allows you to be informed of essential SCRID communications and updates in a timely manner, but also allows you to easily search and be found as you expand your professional and personal networks with like-minded individuals.  Correct and Valid RID Member #s allow your vote to be counted!


  • The Membership Committee & Treasurer’s Motion for a “Certified – Senior Citizen” Membership Discounted Rate has successfully seen a steady rise in SCRID Members opting for this Category and perk (discounted rate!). If you qualify, please take advantage of the monetary savings while still enjoying the full benefits of SCRID Certified Membership.


  • We are in the early months of Membership Renewal and have already begun to see increase responses and questions concerning renewal, as well as those who have responsibly renewed early! Thank you to those current SCRID Members who have kept up with their Professional and Business needs.  The Membership Committee always appreciates early and timely renewals.   Please ensure that you renew in a timely manner so there will be no lapse in communication and access to up-coming SCRID Opportunities, events, and updates!


  • We have worked with the PDC Committee Co-Chairs in helping to support Members’ smooth registration and access to SCRID-sponsored and -hosted workshops/events. We have also collaborated with the CMP Committee Chair, in crafting a soon-to-be-released new member perk – Free* CEUs!  (*Please see the 05/13/17 CMP Committee Report for more detailed information.)


  • The Membership Committee and RID’s Membership Services will be working closely over the summer months to audit our current membership, reconciling appropriately matching Membership Categories, Contact Information, and correctly identified Certification titles. Keep your information up to date with SCRID as well as with RID. can help out most general questions and needs.  (703) 838-0030, option # (press # key) (voice), or (571) 384-5163 (VP).


The chart below reflects all active members, May 2016 – May 2017

Membership Committee Report – May 2017 & Annual Update

* We have included the far right retrospective column (in blue) “May 2016” (1 year ago) so that we can compare what last year looked like, from an Active Membership (Renewed) Total perspective.  We are up 33 additional new & renewed members than this same time in 2016! Up-coming Membership Renewal reminders will be coming out soon.  The overall quarter prior to the start of the new Membership Year (June 1, 2017) will also bear out increasing membership numbers.


Respectfully submitted,

Polly Braiwick, A.A.

Bob LoParo, B.S., CI, CT

SCRID Membership Committee Co-Chairs