About Website Committee

Reports To: SCRID Executive Board Status: Volunteer
To supervise all aspects of the website committee including updating content, troubleshooting database issues and updating the SCRID Board regarding membership process.

  • Communicate with the website designer
  • Manage website database interface
  • Provide reports to the Board during board meetings on current membership numbers
  • Forward PayPal notifications to the appropriate officers or committees
  • Communicate with board and members regarding issues with the website
  • Check SCRID Website email a minimum of once per week
  • Submit an annual report for the annual membership meeting
  • Attend 75% of all board meetings
  • Manage the website committee budget


SCRID member in good standing;
Experience (or motivation to learn):

  • Word Press (or other website template site) back-end structure
  • Web-based data base formats

Ability to organize and manage systems and time;
Good written, verbal & ASL/PSE communication skills;
Sensitive to members needs;
Public speaking skills;


Interface in a mutually cooperative way with SCRID members, Board and volunteers, website designer;
Work as part of a team with others;
Think “outside-of-the-box”


Ability to effectively communicate with individuals that are seeking to remedy an issue.
Able to dedicate on average 5 hours per week to the position with some weeks requiring more.

Source: 2013-2014 Website Committee Chair

President’s Report September 2014

SCRID President Report Sept 2014

President’s Report August 9, 2014

SCRID President Report Aug 9 2014

Treasurer Report August 9, 2014

SCRID Treasurer Report Aug 2014

August 9, 2014 Board Meeting Documents

SCRID board meeting Agenda Draft Aug 2014

SCRID Budget 2014-2015 draft

SCRID Board E-Mtg Minutes June 13 2014

New Membership Rates to take effect July 1, 2014

Dear SCRID Member,

The SCRID board wishes to notify the membership of new membership fees unanimously approved at the SCRID 2013-2014 General Membership Meeting on May 17, 2014.

New rates will take effect on July 1, 2014.  The new rate will apply to all new members and renewals that take place on or after July 1, 2014.

Multiple-year memberships currently mid-cycle will not be affected.  There will be no new charges until your renewal date arrives.

The new rate structure will be as follows:

Membership Level New SCRID Rates 2-year (10% discount) 3-year (15% discount)
Cert  $         35.00  $       63.00  $         89.25
Assoc  $         30.00  $       54.00  $         81.00
Student  $         20.00  $              –  $                –
Supporting  $         25.00  $       45.00  $         63.75
Organizational  $         50.00  $       90.00  $      127.50


Click on the following link for a chart of SCRID’s current rates and new rates compared to a sample of the Region V affiliate chapter membership rates.

AC Membership Rates Comparison Chart April 2014

Current rates rank in the lower third of affiliate chapters shown.  New rates bring SCRID’s rates into mid-range, and certified rates are $10 lower than the highest rate among the affiliate chapter sample.

New rates will allow SCRID to keep up with technology in order to manage membership and provide professional development opportunities, access to information on local, regional and national organizational news and events.  It allows SCRID explore ways to better serve its membership.

Congratulations on helping SCRID stay on the forefront of the technology and member services!

Peggy Huber, MA, CI & CT

SCRID President

2013-2014 General Membership Meeting Documents

Gen mtg agenda May 2014

June 8 2013General meeting minutes

SCRID May 19 2012 General Meeting Minutes

2013-2014 Annual President’s Report

Beth and Peggy’s combined annual president’s report.

Beth was president from July 2013 to January 2014

Peggy was president from February to the end of the FY, 2014

Click here to download the report:  SCRID President Annual Report 2013- 2014

Treasurer’s Annual Report 2013-2014

2013-2014 Annual Treasurer’s Report

May 17, 2014

  1.  Storage space:
    1. Moved from Power Storage ($744/year) to West Covina Mini Storage ($334/year)
    2. Negotiated a refund for partial year use of storage ($445.38)
  2.  Membership cards:
    1. Negotiated less expensive version of membership card
    2. Current form: $396 for 500 cards
    3. New card order:  approximately $60 for 1,000
    4. Design was donated by Michael (last name?) – with many thanks for your support!
  3.  Superfluous bank accounts:
    1. Combined two savings accounts and two checking accounts
    2. Established to accrue favorable interest rate
    3. Resulted in confusing monthly transfers between accounts
    4. Retained higher interest after combining accounts by maintaining a balance of $26,000 in any one of the accounts.
  4.  Director and Officer Insurance
    1. Includes event liability insurance
    2. 2013-2014 $1700.00
    3. 2014-2015 $1735.00
    4. Negotiating lower rate:
      1. Removed auto insurance for directors
      2. Deduct $250 for brokerage fee for referring 3 non-profit organizations
      3. New rate: $1335.00
      4. Still reviewing other policies and coverage
  5. 2014-2015 Budget meeting
    1. Will be scheduled in June
    2. Target date for new budget: July 2014
  6. Call to fill vacant position
    1. Must be a SCRID and RID member for 1 year
    2. Will train!
    3. See About Treasurer for more details on SCRID website
    4. Please consider serving SCRID in this way! Great influence on organization activity and fulfilling mission statement

SCRID Annual P&L 2013-14

Total Assets report May 10 2014


March 22 Meeting Minutes Draft

Mar 22 2014 BoD Mtg meeting minutes final