Vice President’s Report April 2017

April 2017 Vice President Report

Vice President’s Report March 2017

VP Report March 2017

Vice President’s Report Jan 2017

SCRID Board eMeeting

Friday, February 10, 2017

6:30 – 8:30 pm

Vice President Repor

I.    Attended and facilitated the January 21, 2017 F2F Board Meeting.’

II.  Working with SCRID 50th Anniversary Jubilee Committee

            *will continue to collect and send sponsorship letters to any new contacts received

*will be developing and sending a second set of letters during February

III. Assisted Treasurer in posting reports to WordPress.

Vice President’s Report November 2016


Vice President’s October 2016 Report


SCRID Vice President’s September 2016 Report




Vice President – March 2013 Report

Juti K. Seshie

Vice President Report

March 4, 2013

  • Gathered 3 estimates for an embosser for SCRID business cards for Deaf-Blind access.
  • Picked up 6-8 catalogs for reviewing and possibly including in a “Membership Welcome Packet”
  • Attended the first “Deaf Services Professional Network Mixer” hosted at presented by Roberto Cabrera, Deaf MFT intern, March 1, 2013. Met with several ITP students and discussed joining SCRID
  • Attended lecture on Suicide in the Deaf community by Sue Garns and Teresa Teugh, Deaf survivor, March 2, 2013. Met with 5 ITP students and discussed SCRID membership.
  • GWC, ITP program director “RC” emailed about speaking to ITP class about SCRID, March-April, 2013. I accepted, dates are tentative.


New Face on Scrid

Welcome to SCRID 2012!  We have several new things to offer our members
SCRID is now one FaceBook, Twitter, Welcome Membership Packet, New Tee Shirts and more!

New VP, Seeking New Pres, Nov. Membership Drive


  • June 18, 2011, The Swearing in of the new Vice President, Juti Seshie.
  • August, 2011, The Vetting process to select a new SCRID President
  • August 22, 2011, The Decision to appoint Jeni Rodrigues, SCRID’s PresidentSeptember 17, 2011, SCRID Membership table at workshop, hosted by Purple, with Richard Bernard SCRID Treasurer.
  • October 22, 2011, (7) Memberships at workshop hosted by Love2ASL, with Richard Bernard SCRID Treasurer.


  • November 11th & 12th, Deaf MATA, SCRID Membership Drive Table.
  • December, 2011, SCRID Membership Drive Table.