Lou Fant Memorial Fund Report

Lou Fant Report May 16 2013

Lou Fant Memorial Fund report

Lou Fant report July 2012-Patty Drasin

Lou Fant Distinguished Service Award Committee Report October 27, 2012

Lou Fant Distinguished Service Aware Committee Report, October 27, 2012
Good news! The committee has selected April 27, 2013, as THE date for our 2013 LFDSA luncheon and yes, it will be at our beloved Castaway Restaurant! We’ve put a deposit down and we’re rearin’ to go! They give us a great deal price-wise and are ever-ready to accommodate our needs.
We have a guest presenter committed (it’s a secret for now) and we’re working on possible entertainment. The committee is ever mindful of the length of the event and our goal is to keep it to a 4 hr commitment or shorter.
The committee will be asking for help with silent donations and there is a letter one can print and use with SCRID letterhead explaining who and what we are. Smile.
With Peggy Huber’s help, I will post the scholarships and nominations announcements in November or December.
I will also talk with Richard and Peggy for coming up with a more efficient system for keeping track of who has paid (credit card, check, cash, at the door), lunch orders (special requests), who is a student, member, volunteer , etc. There has to be a template and/or tracking program to simplify this. This past luncheon was chaotic at best with trying to keep track of who paid what, when and where. Many couldn’t connect to pay online or once they got into their membership account, perhaps they could register but were blocked from using a credit card and some were even charged twice! It was a mess and I’m just sayin’, there has to be an easier way to track ticket sales in general and specifically from the online site. Does anyone know how this can be done? Anyone…? Anyone…? Bueller?
Respectfully submitted,
Patty Drasin, Chair LFDSA

Apply for Scholarship (Deadline Extended to 18th)

Are you preparing to take the National Interpreter Certification test? Take a moment to share some information with us and you may be chosen to receive a scholarship to help pay for the testing fee.

Every interpreter in the United States deserves the chance to become certified.

Most interpreting students want to take and pass the certification test. They recognize that certification is the most direct path to success in this career. Certification also provides opportunities to explore talents and develop skills they can use to participate more fully in the profession—at the affiliate chapter, at work, and in national committees.

We will help other interpreters afford to take the certification test.

Interpreting students and new professionals are highly motivated and become ready for certification assessment in greater numbers every year. We’re working to help them get there through our scholarship program.

We believe in engaging with future leaders committed to improving and advancing the profession of Sign Language interpreting.

We will provide scholarships for certification testing that benefit current members in good standing of RID and SCRID.

The SCRID Lou Fant Memorial committee determines the scholarship awardees based on their applications and supporting documentation.

Submit FIVE (5) copies of the following:

  • Complete the scholarship application.
  • Indicate in the cover letter what you will use the scholarship for: 1) Written test for CDI, 2) Written Test for NIC, 3) CDI Performance Test, or 4) NIC Performance Test
  • Describe in 250 words or less your current work in the field of interpreting (include dates, part or fulltime) and training (college courses, workshops).
  • Print and include a copy of your SCRID membership information from the website after login.
  • Include a copy of your RID membership card.
  • If applying for performance test scholarship, include verification that you passed the written test.
  • Include a letter of recommendation from a hearing professional working in the field of interpreting.
  • Include a letter of recommendation from a Deaf individual.

Applications must be postmarked by March (Deadline Extended to 18th), 2012.

SCRID Scholarships
18661 Sunburst Street
Northridge, cA 91324

or via e-mail

Questions, contact Patty Drasin.

Save The Date – March 24, 2012 – Distinguished Service Award Banquet

The 2012 Distinguished Service Award Banquet luncheon will be held 11:30 to 3:30 at The Castaway, Burbank, CA.
Nominations are being accepted. Submit your nomination today!
Online tickets coming soon!

Nominations Must Be Postmarked By March 1, 2012

In honor of Lou Fant’s life and his vast contributions to the field of interpreting, SCRID has established two annual awards in his honor.
The awards will be given to two persons, one hearing and one Deaf, who have made outstanding contributions to the interpreting field.


  • RID and/or NAD certified
  • Actively contributes to improving the field of interpreting
  • Member of RID and SCRID


  • Actively contributes to the field of interpreting
  • Has enhanced the image of the interpreting profession

Nominations must include a one-page rationale in support of the nominee. If the person making the nomination is not a SCRID member, the nomination must be co-signed by a SCRID member.  The Lou Fant Memorial Committee will determine the award winners annd present the awards during the annual banquet.

Nominations should be sent to:

Lou Fant Nominations
18661 Sunburst St.
Northridge, CA 91324

Lou Fant Distinguished Service Award Banquet Oct Report

The Lou Fant Distinguished Service Award Banquet is progressing very nicely to be held at Castaways Restaurant on March 26, 2011.

I am in the process of getting the MC/Entertainment for the banquet. Hopefully I will be able to announce the name(s) for the MC/Entertainment at our meeting in November.

I would like for the board to keep their eyes and ears open for donation opportunities for the LFMB Silent Auction. (i.e.: tickets, baskets of things, restaurants, time share vacation, really ANYTHING would be helpful)

Thanks for your continuing support of this event.


Beth D’Addario

Lou Fant Distinguish Service Award Banquet Chairperson


Lou Fant Memorial Banquet Report

Lou Fant Banquet Report

September 18, 2010

As of September 15, 2010 the following has been done or in the process of

The date for the banquet has been set. It will be held on Saturday March26, 2011
@ Castaway Restaurant from 11am-4pm. The cost will remain the same $40.00 a
ticket. I am still searching for an MC.

The committee is already beginning to be formed. I have the SAME graphic artist
from last year and people to help out.

I will be sending out “Save the Date” announcements in the next month or so. I
would like all announcements regarding this event to go out on SCRID TALK.

By the end of September I would like to have the scholarship & awardees
applications up on the website ready to download.(I am hoping to bring the
applications to Deaf Festival)

Regarding donations- I have recently received a check from the “The Louis L.
Borick Foundation” in the sum of $500.00.(Hopefully more money to come) I will
be asking Sorenson again and other agencies to support this event from SCRID.

If you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail me.

Lou Fant Distinguished Service Award Chairperson.

LFMB report

Lou Fant Distinguished Service Award Banquet

Final Report by Beth D’Addario(Chairperson)

*Saturday March 20, 2010

*Time 11:30am – 4pm

*Donations- Beth D’Addario

*Registration-Marcus Gunter and Frank  Nevarez

*Graphic Artist- Katie Dicus

*Donations were Sorenson @$2,000.00 and Accommodating Ideas @ $1,000.00

*Bob Hilterman was the MC for this year’s event

*John Maucer was terrific and engaging  as this year’s entertainment.

* We had a problem with the FM Loop System, the interpreters receiver would not stay connected to broadcast to the other FM Loops. We reconciled the situation by just having the interpreters use the microphone. Thanks to Paul Raci’s  interpreting skills it was more of a benefit to really “hear”  John do all his different impressions and teasing of the awardees. By John’s skill as a performer it got both Deaf and Hearing to have uncontrollable laughter. It was a joy to see.


Mail- stamps:    $132.00

Envelopes:     $7.00

Printing-(invites 2x and program): $536.70

Graphic Artist:    $47.72

Awards:      $209.66

Entertainment:    $500.00

Master of Ceremonies:   $400.00

Silent Auction- (movie tickets):  $26.00

Centerpieces:    $6.59 (baskets)

$13.80 (plants)

Raffle:      $74.00 (digital camera)

$00.38 (poster board)

Photographer:    $50.00

Interpreters:     $400.00 (team @$200.00 each)

Castaway Luncheon:   $1,969.84

TOTAL = $4,373.69

Outcome of  Event

Income: $6,600.00 (donation, ticket sales, Raffle & Silent auction)

Expenses: $4,373.69

Profit: $2,226.31

Fred Shares His Story

Fred, the Deaf nominee and award winner of a Distinguished Service Award given during the Lou Fant Memorial Fund banquet.  Congratulations to Fred and thank you for all your tireless work.
Patty, the interpreter nominee and award winner of a Distinguished Service Award also shared her story.  Unfortunately, my video camera ran out of memory to record her story.  I (Daryl) will be interviewing Patty soon so she can share her story with you here.  Congratulations and much appreciation for all your dedicated effort for the profession and the next generation of interpreters.