Election Committee Report – April 2017


Election Committee Report April, 2017


Elections Committee Report Feb 2017

Elections report Feb 21017

Call for Nominations – SCRID Board of Directors Election

Per SCRID bylaws elections are held in Spring of odd-numbered years.

If you are interested in contributing to your profession by serving on the SCRID Board of Directors, the criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  • Certified or Associate members in good standing with the National RID and SCRID for at least one year immediately prior to candidacy. (Bylaws IV§4)
  • Ability to attend 75% of meetings (approximately 10 meetings are held per year)

Specific criteria can be found in the position descriptions:

Interested in running?? Please submit the following to elections@scrid.org

All nominees (including existing board members eligible and interested in running for a second term) must submit the following:

  • Nomination or endorsement by another current SCRID member in good standing
  • Statement of intent to run for office, stating the position desired  (to be published in ballot)
  • Resumé indicating qualification for office
  • Verification of RID certified or associate membership

The deadline for submissions will be March 1, 2017.

We look forward to working with you!

Karen Lujambio Ad Hoc Elections Committee Chair

Letters of intent – 2015-2017 Executive Board Officer Nominees

Nominee for President, Peggy Huber:

I have been a certified member of RID since 1993 and a member of SCRID since 2001. I have held various positions throughout my membership: Newsletter editor, Secretary, President, Membership and Website Committee Chair, and Treasurer. My computer knowledge and skills are great assets to SCRID, I am detail-oriented and place SCRID as a high priority.

It has been my great pleasure to support SCRID over the years, providing information and guidance in areas of non-profit organizational processes, board and bylaws compliance and technical knowledge. I have also been working with other California RID Affiliate Chapter presidents this year to bring information to the community about licensure for interpreters in our state.

With your permission, it is my hope to continue to provide leadership for the 2015-2017 term as president of SCRID. I thank you for this opportunity to serve!

Peggy Huber, MA, CI & CT


Nominee for Secretary, Beth D’Addario:

This is my letter of intent to run for the office of Secretary of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. I have been a dedicated and loyal member of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf since 1999. During that time I served 8 years on the SCRID board as most recently Secretary, President, Vice President, Fundraising Chairperson, and the Lou Fant Banquet (both as a committee member and Chairperson). It is these same years that I have grown up with this group and through my active support have had many opportunities to be a part of SCRID’s successes. I feel that with my extensive experience with both leadership and membership roles, I have a unique perspective and what it takes to create a successful term as secretary. My passion and dedication to Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf as well as my organizational skills and approachable leadership abilities makes me an ideal candidate for secretary. I believe that this is an amazing organization. I have the time and energy to dedicate to the office of secretary. I respectfully submit this letter of intent and hope my experience will speak for itself. I would consider it an honor and privilege to continue to be Secretary of SCRID. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Beth D’Addario

Nominee for Treasurer, Cynthia Herbst

Since the previous term’s Treasurer resigned, I have been serving as Treasurer, with appointment and approval by the Board in August 2014. In order to keep continuity and to keep the position filled, I hereby nominate myself for the position of Treasurer for the new term. It would be my pleasure to continue serving the organization as treasurer.

Thank You-

Cynthia Herbst

SCRID Treasurer 2014-2015

SPECIAL ELECTION Update April 28, 2014

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SCRID announces the results of the recently held special election for the positions of President and Treasurer on the SCRID Board of Directors. 

The voting process began on March 2, 2014, and concluded April 27, 2014

Uncontested Election for President:

The deadline for nominations was April 6, 2014. The only nominations the election committee recieved was for President- Peggy Huber. As there was only one nomination meeting all position requirements, no vote is required.

Therefore, the SCRID Ad Hoc Election Committee is proud to announce that Peggy Huber has been elected as SCRID President for the 2014-2015  fiscal year.

No Nominations for Treasurer:

No nominations for the position of  SCRID Treasurer were recieved by the April 6,2014 deadline for nominations. Therefore, the SCRID board will be appointing a treasurer at the July 2014 board meeting.

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Peggy Huber, President at president@scrid.org. Training will be provided.

Special Elections Ad Hoc Committee Report March 2014

Special Election Report

March 22, 2014

Submitted by Beth D’Addario


The Special Election Committee has started the processof the SCRID election. Here is the schedule of the election for the board and our membership.

Schedule for the Special Election

  • Start the “Call for Nominations” March 16- Posted on FB, SCRID website, WA,Twitter
  • Deadline for “Call for Nominations” April 6
  • Ballots sent out April 27 by email
  • Deadline for the return of the survey May 11
  • Post winners on website and announce winners at the SCRID General Meeting May 17 

At the time of writing this report there has been no nominations for either SCRID President or SCRID Treasurer. I am checking the election email at least once a day for nominations.

According to the SCRID Bylaws:

“Appointment to Fill a Vacancy: Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors with less than one year remaining in the term may be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining Directors. A director appointed to fill a vacancy shall be appointed for the remaining term of their predecessor’s office. If the remaining term is more than one year, a special election must be held within six months of the vacancy.” (IV7B) [Italics added]

Below you will find the qualifications required for SCRID officers, the instructions and deadlines and the job descriptions for both the president and treasurer positions.

We encourage you to participate on this active and dedicated board of directors.

Feel free to send any questions, comments or concerns to:


Thank you,

Beth D’Addario

SCRID Special Elections Committee Chair

Candidates must provide:

  • Nomination by a SCRID member in good standing
  • Proof of current RID membership (pdf or jpeg file of RID membership card)
  • Letter of intent to run for office stating which position the candidate wishes and why he/she is qualified (introduction by candidate to be published with ballot)
  • Resume (for elections committee review only)

Please send above candidate documentation to elections@scrid.org by April 6, 2014



Certified or Associate members in good standing with the National RID and SCRID for at least one year immediately prior to candidacy. (SCRID Bylaws – IV4)

Requirement of office

1.  President

a)      Represents the corporation in all appropriate activities

b)     Presides at meetings of the members and/or directors

c)      Appoints committees

d)     Has the authority to sign checks up to monies determined by the board

e)      Provide at least quarterly reports to the membership concerning business

and Board of Directors activities and financial status of the corporation

f)      Shall submit a (President’s letter) for every issue of the “Interpreter”

g)      Shall attend at least 75% of the meetings

(SCRID Bylaws – IV3 B1 or http://scrid.org/category/c94-reports/c31-president/ for a detailed description of duties)



a)      Supervises the receipt and safekeeping of all book keeping of corporate fund

b)     Shall in the beginning of February make a State and Federal report, and in April SCRID’s fiscal year report.  Shall forward to RID a certified copy of SCRID’s financial statement, sources of all receipts and a description of all disbursements, before May 30th of every year

c)      Has authority to sign SCRID checks, up to monies determined by the Board

d)     Shall attend at least 75% of the meetings

(SCRID Bylaws – IV3B4 or http://scrid.org/category/c94-reports/c68-about-treasurer/ for a detailed description of duties)