About Treasurer

Source: Bylaws

Reports To: SCRID PRESIDENT            Status: Volunteer
POSITION PURPOSE Maintain all financial records of the corporation

  • Supervises the receipt and safekeeping of all book keeping of corporate funds
  • Shall in the beginning of February make a State and Federal report, and in April SCRID’s fiscal year report, shall forward a certified copy of SCRID’s financial statement, sourse of all receipts and a description of all disbursements, before May 30 of every year
  • Assist Committee Chairpersons on preparation of annual budget
  • Prepares annual budget for Board approval
  • Has authority to sign SCRID checks, up to monies determined by the Board
  • Shall be the lead on the annual audit
  • Be the point-of-contact and liaison to the Board on the annual financial audit
  • Check SCRID email a minimum of three times per week unless there is an event
  • Submits monthly Profit and Loss Statement and detailed financial statement
  • Submit an annual report for the annual membership meeting
  • Attend 75% of all board meetings
  • Oversee the fiscal year budget


  • Certified Interpreter preferred
  • SCRID member in good standing;
  • RID certified or associate member in good standing
  • Experience as Treasurer or motivation to learn
  • Knowledge of PayPal, Quicken and Excel or motivation to learn
  • Experience (or motivation to learn) event planning;
  • Good written, verbal & ASL/PSE communication skills;
  • Sensitive to members needs;
  • Public speaking skills;


  • Interface in a mutually cooperative way with SCRID members, Board and volunteers;
  • Work as part of a team with others;
  • Think “outside-of-the-box”;


Ability to effectively communicate multiple projects and tasks.

Source: 2009-11 Board of Directors