Meeting Docs – BoD Online Meeting April 8, 2016

SCRID Brd mtg April 2016 agenda-2

SCRID Brd mtg March 2016 minutes

March 25, 2016 Online Board Meeting docs

SCRID Brd mtg March 2016 agenda

SCRID Brd mtg Feb 2016 minutes draft

February 27, 2016 Face-to-Face Board Meeting Docs

SCRID Brd mtg Feb 2016 agenda

SCRID Brd mtg minutes Jan 23 2016 draft

January 23, 2016 BoD Meeting Docs

SCRID Brd mtg Jan 23 2016 agenda

SCRID Brd mtg Nov 13 2015 minutes draft

PDC Report Jan 23 2016 PHuber

Liaison Resignation GCampbell

Board of Director’s meeting documents November 13, 2015

SCRID Brd mtg minutes Oct 2015-final draft

SCRID Brd mtg Nov 13 2015 agenda

SCRID On-Line BoD Meeting September 18, 2015

SCRID Brd mtg minutes Sept 2015 approved3

SCRID Face-to-Face Board Meeting October 2015

SCRID Brd mtg agenda Oct 2015 updated 10-16-15

September 18 Board Meeting Documents

SCRID Brd mtg agenda Sept 2015

SCRID Online BoD Meeting July 10, 2015

SCRID Annual Brd mtg minutes June 2015 revised June 25

Bod Mtg July 2015 Agenda

2014-2015 Annual Board Meeting – June 5, 2015 6:00 pm

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SCRID Annual Brd mtg agenda June 2015

March 8 bod meeting minutes

GoTo Meeting Video Conference Protocol

A link to join the meeting will be sent to you prior to the meeting.

Test the link well in advance.  You may have to download the software in order for your computer to be compatible with the site.

To participate, please log in about 15 minutes prior to the meeting time.  This will ensure you have ample time to correct any technical glitches before the meeting starts.

Participation protocol:

  1. After you log in, please mute your mic and video, except for the voice interpreter who may leave their mic on.
  2. The presider of the meeting will be on-screen at all times.
  3. Those attending the meeting may be asked to turn on their webcam momentarily for greetings and farewells.
  4. To request the floor, open your webcam.  Wait to be recognized.  Once you have finished speaking, please turn off your webcam.
  5. Use the chat window for side comments or questions.  Comments should be restricted to business.  Limit side conversations, emojis and jokes.  Presider will review comments periodically during the meeting.