50th Anniversary Committee Report April 2017

April 2017 Anniversary Report-1

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RID 2017 LEAD Together Free Leadership Track Registration Application

In previous years, the SCRID board has committed to supporting members wishing to attend the national and regional RID conferences.  We have usually offered one free registration as a door prize at the annual membership meeting each Spring. 

However, as the conference now requires a lottery for registration, the SCRID board has agreed to award one of its guaranteed registrations along with paying for the registration to a deserving SCRID member.  General lottery registration slots must be claimed and paid for by April 28th, so waiting for the annual membership meeting on May 13th is not possible.

In order to provide a fair opportunity for all SCRID members to win SCRID’s guaranteed registration slot, we have devised an application for each interested member to describe how they are best qualified to attend the conference. 

Please note the following before proceeding with the application:

  • Eligible members must be SCRID and RID members in good standing.
  • Agree to attend the conference and attend 85% of the leadership track trainings.
  • Agree to apply new leadership skills and knowledge in Southern California.
  • Acknowledge responsibility for expenses outside of registration fees (SCRID will pay for the registration fee).
  • Agree to participate in an ASL-rich language environment.

Thank you for taking advantage of this important SCRID member benefit!  Good luck!

Applications must be received by February 7, 2017.  Submit early!

The award will be announced on February 14, 2017.


Click here for the Link to Application Form






RID Board of Directors Vote Deaf Parented Member-at-Large September 15, 2013 to November 15, 2013

From Interpreters with Deaf Parents RID Member Section
Position Statement on Deaf Parented BOD Member-at-Large Vote

Timeframe: Vote between September 15, 2013 and November 15, 2013 with results announced to the membership electronically no later than November 25, 2013.

Position: IDP is in full support of this vote.


The Member-at-Large would represent the perspective of those whose lives are shaped from formative years by the Deaf community. The Board position would also be recognition of the founding members from Deaf family backgrounds that contributed to the development of the role of professional interpreter. Additionally, this position will continue the Deaf-centric ties and values that are the cornerstone of this organization.

Deaf parented interpreters came to the profession of sign language interpreter from similar foundational experiences. The social norms and attitudes of their Deaf families and communities were internalized in early childhood and adolescence. Deaf parented interpreters often experience, in one form or another, the economic and social inequities of their immediate and extended family members who were Deaf. As Deaf culture is marginalized, many of the the cultural norms and values fall out from this shared experience of marginalization. Growing up with a Deaf parent or parents has created a collective firsthand experience of the tensions due to asymmetrical relations between hearing (the dominant) and Deaf culture. The instinctive role of cultural mediator, whether expected or not by parents, is inherent for some, if not most of those who have grown up with these formative experiences.

Deaf parented interpreters come from a multitude of diverse backgrounds. This Member-at-Large position provides committed opportunity and outcomes for the multilingual and multicultural make up of Deaf parented interpreters within RID.

As the RID Board of Directors acts as direct liaisons to member sections, committees and advisory councils, a Deaf Parented Member-at-Large has had life long experiences of collaborating with and navigating within bilingual groups. This ambassadorship is innate to the Deaf Parented interpreter, thus another benefit for the Board of Directors and the membership.

A Deaf parented interpreter on the RID Board of Directors is aware of and can attest to to the gaps in academia for Deaf parented interpreting students and native frame of reference within our field. A position on the board will exercise this knowledge and experience to its greatest utility.

Deaf parented interpreters are key stakeholders, both personally and professionally, by each decision made by RID. By our existence we are fully invested in the development and standards that uphold RID’s mission. The resource and guidance from a Deaf parented interpreter can only strengthen RID’s vision.

This Member-at-Large position will be groundbreaking for this organization. For all of the above mentioned reasons, Deaf parented interpreters can make a unique and valuable contribution to the board of directions within RID; yet historically have not been recognized by the larger organization. RID has yet to count native Deaf parented values within research, statistics, or organizational demographics. Recognition of this Member-at-Large is the turning point for such change.

PPM Draft



PPM – Membership chair draft – 9-9-13 ;


PPM – Secretary draft 9-9-13 ;



Elections Draft 9-5-13 ;


PPM – Board members draft 9-5-13 ;


Website committee Draft 9-5-13

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John Maucere
Executive Producer/Creator


Requesting CEUs for WORKSHOPS

STEP 1: Requesting CEU Approval

The following is required no later than 45 DAYS BEFORE the workshop takes place.

Send to: SCRID CMP Chairs.  Late paperwork will not be processed.


1. Continuing Education Activity Plan – Sponsor Form

2. Continuing Education Activity Plan – Instructor’s Form

a) Educational Objectives: Must be measurable. Possible “measurable” words to use are:

Explain List Arrange Organize Formulate Describe Use Recall
Identify Apply Distinguish Restate Classify Contrast Construct Illustrate

b) Evaluation & Assessment: Describe how you will know that you have succeeded in teaching your Educational Objectives?

3. Instructor Resume/Bio/Vitae

4. Agenda & Handouts for the workshop (Sample Agenda)

a) Breakdown of time and topics
b) Include break times because this affects how many CEUs are awarded.

Step 2: Upon Approval of CEUs

5. Promotional Materials for the workshop must be submitted and approved. Promotional materials MUST include the following:

 a) Event info: title, address, contact person, etc.

b) Start date/end date

c) Start time/end time

d) RID CMP and/or ACET logos (depending on which credit/s you will offer)

e) SCRID Logo

 f) Information on educational objectives of activity

g) Refund and cancellation policy.  It is acceptable to print contact info to learn of these policies rather than the entire policy.

 h) Target audience as described in the Sponsor Form

i) Solicitation request for reasonable accommodations

 j) The following paragraph: “SCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities.  This (Professional Studies OR General Studies) program is offered for (insert # of CEUs) CEUs. Participants need (pick one: Little/none, Some, Extensive, Teaching) prior knowledge of this topic.” SCRID CMP Sponsors will determine number of CEUS to be awarded.

6. Payment for workshop Sponsorship – Membership is verified. Make checks payable to SCRID and mail to the address listed below or pay online at www.scrid.org. This payment is non-refundable.

$25.00 for SCRID member
$50.00 for nonSCRID member

Offline checks also accepted, please click Buy Now for instructions.

7. Blank Certificate of Attendance created by you must include: (Sample Certificate)

a) RID CMP and/or ACET logos (provided by sponsor)    
b) Activity Number (provided by sponsor)
c) Full title of event
d) Date of activity
e) Beginning and Ending Time
f) Number of CEUs awarded (determined by sponsor)
g) Presenter Name(s)
h) “RID Approved Sponsor: Southern California Registry of the Deaf”

Step 3: Post Workshop

The following is required no later than 30 DAYS AFTER the workshop is completed.

8. Activity Report Form filled out by RID members and signed by presenter(s).

a) Participants should fill this out at the END of the workshop to verify attendance.
b) CEUs will only be given to participants whose correct membership number appears on the form. [November 2005 RID VIEWS, page 28]
c) If there are multiple presenters and each presenter wants CEUs for presenting the workshop, then each presenter must sign an Activity Report form.
d) Mail the ORIGINAL Activity Report Form to the address listed below.

Maren Jensen
PO Box 280088
Northridge, CA 91328-0088
 9. Program Evaluation Summary including all comments from the RID Evaluation Forms must be emailed to the SCRID CMP Chairs.

10. A blank copy of the evaluation form used at the conclusion of the workshop must also be mailed or emailed to the SCRID CMP Chairs.

 RID forms and procedures are subject to change without notice.  Along with this, SCRID’s procedures will change to reflect RID requirements.  Please contact the RID Approving Sponsor to verify how these changes will affect you and your organization and to obtain the new forms and/or new procedures.
 SCRID is audited by RID to determine if RID’s procedures/guidelines are adhered to for approving workshops/events.  Failure to pass the audit would result in SCRID losing sponsorship.  We ask you keep this in mind as we work together to gather information for sponsorship.

IMPORTANT:  Keep copies of everything you mail to SCRID.

Send payment (payable to SCRID) and paperwork to the following address:
Maren Jensen
P.O. Box 280088
Northridge, CA 91328-0088
Questions or concerns:

General Meeting Postponed

SCRID General meeting has been postpone until May 19, 2012.
More information to come.

NOTICE: Monthly meeting April 28,2012 10:30 am

All members are invited to participate in the next schedule meeting to be held at Los Angeles Pierce College

Room TBA

FREE LUNCH and short busoness meeting

FREE WORKSHOP with Cindy Herbst

.2 CEU awarded

RSVP by April 25 to be included in free lunch

SCRID has a new President!

It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors announces the appointment of Jeni Rodrigues as the 2011-12 President! The Board is looking forward to a future of growth and success with Jeni at the helm!
Please make Jeni feel welcome as SCRID’s President when you see her!
SCRID Board of Directors