Complimentary Benefit CEUs for Members Only

SCRID is implementing a complimentary benefit for its members, starting July 1st, 2017.

This complimentary benefit (a.k.a. “Benefit”) allows the member to have CEU processing fee waived.


Of the four (4) CEU activities, only the Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity (PINRA) and Academic Coursework (AC) will qualify under this Benefit.

SCRID Member Eligibility Requirements:

  • SCRID membership levels:
    • Certified Member in good standing: 1-, 2-, or 3-year membership levels
    • Associate Member in good standing: 1-, 2-, or 3-year membership levels
  • RID (membership is required)
    • Certified Member in good standing, or
    • Associate Member in good standing
    • Member must provide proof of membership by uploading current membership card to their SCRID member profile annually.
  • This Benefit does not apply to the following membership levels:
  • Certified 1st year discount
  • Student Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Supporting Members
  • Organizational Members
  • Region V Affiliate Chapter Members


For more information on the various SCRID membership levels, see for more information.


Academic Coursework (AC) for documentation requirements:

  • AC can only be requested once during the Fiscal Year (FY).
  • Summer school courses starting in on FY and ending in the next FY, will only be applied the FY the course commenced in.

Click on this link  Academic Coursework Complimentary Benefit CEU 2017-2018 Form   to use only this form for the Benefit CEUs via AC

PINRA for documentation requirements:

  • Member may choose either one General Studies OR one Professional Studies CEU.

Click on this link   PINRA Complimentary Benefit 2017-2018 Form   to use only this form for the Benefit CEUs via PINRA

Click here to submit your request for the Benefit CEUs.

Send to the CMP Sponsor your filled out Benefit PINRA form, along with, your received email titled “Event registration confirmed for Complimentary Member.”  Make sure the CMP Sponsor knows of your request before you start, otherwise it could cause a delay or cancellation of your request.


Further CEU Benefit Stipulations:

  • Member may request one AC or one PINRA Benefit once per FY (July 1st – June 30th).
  • This Benefit does not rollover to future FY, if not used.
  • Allow at least 2 weeks for verification of member’s eligibility for the Benefit.
  • Other rules may apply.
  • No other benefit can be used in conjunction with this Benefit.
  • Members must follow document requirement procedures for AC and PINRA CEU requests.


For more AC information, see

For more PINRA information, see

FAQ for ACET (Associate Continuing Education Tracking)





How does the complimentary Benefit work?

A member joins/renews with SCRID.  All necessary documentation must be provided to Membership Committee before the Benefit can be utilized.  The member must have selected either Certified or Associate level to qualify for the Benefit.  Associate members must also be a RID member.  (See RID for more information on the ACET program.)

The Benefit is only good for one (1) SCRID fiscal year (FY) which is from July 1st to June 30th.  It is a use-or-lose Benefit with no roll overs to the following year.

Remember to pay for membership before July 1st to be able to take advantage of the Benefit.


I am in the membership level/category of: Student, or Certified 1st Year Discount.  Do I get a complimentary benefit, too?

No.  The level and categories already have a benefit applied to them, the discounted fees.  SCRID offers these other discounted level/categories for those who wish to take advantage of it.


I am an Associate member of SCRID, but not a member of RID.  Can I still get the complimentary benefit?

No.  The Benefit is geared towards those members who need to earn CEUs.  CEUs are not required for an Associate member.  However, SCRID hopes that the Associate member will one day become a certified interpreter and from experiencing the ACET program, will know how to earn CEUs.

As an Associate member, proof of RID membership must be sent to the Membership Committee to be able to take advantage of the Benefit.  (See RID for more information on the ACET program.)


 RID offers four (4) ways to earn CEUs.  Can I use my Benefit towards a workshop or an Independent Study (IS)?

No.  This Benefit is being presented from the SCRID CMP Sponsor.  It is only applied to AC and PINRA processing fee.  Workshops are not under the purview of the CMP Sponsor.  The IS activity requires a lot of work for both the member and the CMP Sponsor.  Because of the amount of time needed, this activity is not included in the Benefit.


I am a Region V Affiliate Chapter member. Can I receive this complimentary benefit?

No.  Region V Affiliate Chapter members are currently receiving a benefit from SCRID.  The processing fee for a Region V Affiliate Chapter member is the same fee cost for a SCRID member.


I took a college/university course that is still with in my CEU cycle.  Can I use the Benefit for a course that is not in the current year of the Benefit?

No.  However, a course taken while still in your CEU cycle can earn you CEUs but a processing fee must be paid.  The Benefit is being offered for those activities taking place in the current year.  If your course was taken in the current year of the Benefit, then you can apply it.


I took a college/university course that is still with in my CEU cycle and is in the current year of the Benefit.  Can I use the Benefit for a course?

No.  The key word here is “took.”  You must request the use of the Benefit, at least 2-weeks before the college/university course begins.  This allows time to verify your eligibility.  A request after the fact is not eligible.


I am taking a summer course that ends in July.  Can I use the current year Benefit for a class that ends in the next fiscal year?

Yes.  However, you must request the Benefit while still in the current year to apply to the course that ends in the next fiscal year.  The request must be made at least 2-weeks before the course begins in current FY.  If the request is made on or after July 1st, for a class that began before July 1st, then the Benefit cannot be used.  Keep in mind the course must commence in the FY of the request being made.  Remember, the Benefit does not rollover to the next FY.


I want to attend a workshop that is not an RID approved workshop.  Can I use the Benefit for that?

Yes.  This activity is called the Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity (PINRA).  The PINRA must be sent in 2-weeks before the event, to verify the member qualifies for the Benefit.

The PINRA can only be used for one (1) content area (PS or GS).  A member is attending conference where the sessions are a mixture of PS and GS, meaning the conference is not all PS or GS sessions.  One PINRA can only process one content area.  If the member wants CEUs for the other content area, another PINRA must be sent in along with the processing fee.  For example, the member is attending the CHIA (California Healthcare Interpreting Association) conference.  Not all of the CHIA sessions provided are PS, some are GS.  For this conference, two PINRAs are needed.  The member will need to decide which content area (PS or GS) the Benefit PINRA will be applied to.  In addition, the PINRA will cover a group of sessions attended and it appear on your transcript as one item.  If you want all individual sessions to appear on your transcript then a processing fee will be charge for each one outside the one session covered under the Benefit.


There is an activity I want to attend and it is on July 1st.  Can the last fiscal year Benefit be applied to it since I am requesting it before July 1st?

No.  You will still need to request the Benefit 2-weeks before the activity, however, until the membership dues is paid, the new FY Benefit cannot be applied.  It is suggested that the membership dues for the new FY be paid 2-weeks on or before July 1st to guarantee the use of the next FY Benefit.


What if I want to attend an activity on July 1st but didn’t pay my dues until July 2nd?  Can I apply that Benefit after the fact?

No.  You paid your dues after July 1st.  The Benefit will not go into effect until all necessary documentation has been sent in and verified by the Membership Committee.

SCRID encourages its members to get their membership dues paid before July 1st along with all necessary documentation sent in to be eligible for the Benefit.


I joined/renewed after July 1st but my activity started before I paid my membership dues.  Can I apply the Benefit to the activity?

This is a Yes and No answer.

No.  The activity started before a CEU request was made.  Requests for the Benefit must be made 2-weeks before it commences.  Documentation and approval must be in place before a member can attend.

Yes.  The member requested a use of the Benefit 2-weeks prior to the activity start where in the previous FY the member was in good standing.  While the activity carried on into the next FY and the member was late with membership dues payment, the previous FY Benefit is still in play.


I have a business that is an organizational member.  Can I receive the Benefit?

No.  An organizational membership is for the organization.  This Benefit is for the individual member who has met the qualification of Certified or Associate.  Organizational members receive a benefit from SCRID where the processing fee for any workshops it wishes to have is at the SCRID member rate per workshop.

If the owner of the business is an individual member of SCRID, then under the individual membership (Certified or Associate), the Benefit can be requested.


I am a student member of SCRID and a RID member.  Can I get the Benefit too?

The Benefit only applies to SCRID and RID memberships that are Certified or Associate, only.


Where can I find the AC or PINRA form to request my Benefit CEUs?

The forms for the Complimentary Benefit request are:

AC  Academic Coursework Complimentary Benefit CEU 2017-2018 Form

PINRA  PINRA Complimentary Benefit 2017-2018 Form


How do I submit my request for the Benefit CEUs?  Click here to submit your request for the Benefit CEUs.


Note:   SCRID is audited by RID to determine if RID’s procedures/guidelines are adhered to for approving workshops/events.  Failure to pass the audit would result in SCRID losing sponsorship.  We ask you keep this in mind as we work together to gather information for sponsorship.

IMPORTANT:  Keep copies of everything you mail to SCRID.