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Member-At-Large – Interpreter of Deaf Parents (IDP) Representative

SCRID Bylaws 2015 § 3.b.7

Member-At-Large – Interpreter of Deaf Parents

  1. This position shall be filled by an individual who has at least one parent who is Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. The individual will also demonstrate personal and professional commitment to the appreciation and celebration of the Deaf Community by virtue of their knowledge of American Sign Language and cultural aspects of the Deaf Community.
  2. Shall attend at least 75% of the meetings.

Interpreter of Deaf Parents (IDP) Member at Large Job Description


Status: Volunteer


The individual who holds the IDP MAL position is to have at least one parent who is Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, as per the bylaws. This person is expected to represent the perspective of interpreters who were raised with the unique experience of both hearing and D/deaf communities.


  1. Assists with coordination of various events;
  2. To ensure that IDP perspectives are considered when conducting business;
  3. Submit a monthly report to include IDP training and events happening within the SCRID region, RID events or pertinent issues as they relate to IDP and Deaf communities;
  4. Submit an annual report for the annual membership meeting;
  5. Attend 75% of all board meetings;
  6. Respond to email on a weekly basis;
  7. Oversee the fiscal year IDP MAL budget.


  1. SCRID member in good standing (one year or more at time of taking office);
  2. RID member in good standing (one year or more at time of taking office);
  3. ASL/PSE communication skills;
  4. Computer knowledge and skills, access to internet and email;
  5. Sensitive to member needs;
  6. Public speaking skills.


  1. Interface in a mutually cooperative way with SCRID members, Board and volunteers;
  2. Work as part of a team with others;
  3. Access community and internet resources.


Ability to effectively manage multiple projects and tasks;

Adhere to SCRID Board requirements and deadlines.

For information on how to apply for this position, please contact